How to make a garry's mod or Team Fortress 2 dedicated server (all windows oses)

Last two years had witnessed enormous declination in the price of dedicated hosting services. In fact, the prices of whole "budget dedicated server" market have gone down. One of the factors which contributed sufficiently in the reduction in the costs of the dedicated >hosting services is the immense competition prevailing in both the hosting industry and the computer hardware industry; one should not think that prices were that inflated in the first place. There is no doubt on the incredible quality of Budget servers but demands more than a competitive market to propose services at such great prices.

One should heartily thank great overbuilds of networks, data centers and computer hardware in this dot-com days, Possessing even a small amount of buying power companies can obtain the hard-resources which it takes to provide a good quality un-managed dedicated server for a great price. It is not a big task for the customer these days to find out a dedicated server even for $199 a month or even at the cost less then that. But, one should while purchasing a dedicated server, must consider more than just price.

Managed Services

Before lining up the amount of ram, the processor speed, the data transfer ,the price etc, the user must ask himself/herself the questions like what else can this company do for him/her that he/she need now, or may need down the road. While there are ample that do it, as it is said that a single person cannot crack a mountain, similarly, 1 person's effort to sustain a mission critical or high traffic server is not an easy job. It not only helps other but by doing so serves its own interest as well. The user must see that his/her host provides managed services such as backups, monitoring, firewalls and intrusion detection or not. Sometimes they may be integrated in the plan but nearly constantly can be negotiated in at a reasonable price and can significantly support the investment.

Technical Support

It is important as well that how much support the user is getting out of his/her dedicated services. Some committed hosts offer only Email in name of support in order to prevent the costs from being climbing up while others flat out charge a fee for a support ticket. One should certainly consider about the preferring method of getting support as well as the level and frequency in which he/she require it.

The eminence of one's Network

There are several dedicated hosting providers now-a-days having quite considerable internet connectivity. However, it is somewhat one should be aware of. One should search for a host that has redundant connectivity via multiple providers insuring as much connectivity uptime as feasible. There are several major connectivity providers present in the market; some of them are Sprint, UUNet, Savvis, AT&T, Qwest, Cogent etc.

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One should always keep in mind that a very cheap server deal is not the right choice as there can be some drawbacks which will make it expensive afterwards as no company is doing business for charity and the other host who is charging more is certainly charging it for any extra facilities which user should check. There are several hosts offering price further competitively than others, but still there are acquaintances costs that required to be covered. While shopping for one's next dedicated server he/she should always keep in mind that he/she may not always be comparing apples to apples.

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Dedicated servers for $35/month cheap?


I am planning on purchasing a dedicated server and i found they offer dedicated servers from $35/month and unmetered servers for another $30 is this a good deal? Can anyone recommend me a good hosting company?

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